A Georgetown Loop worker dresses as a skeleton conductor amid other skulls, concoctions, hanging plastic body parts and cobwebs. 

The Haunted Forest Halloween Train is full of tricks & treats. This is a new signature night train event, allowing those 12 and up only. It is a ghost of a ride. The event features a haunted house full of ghosts of the mining era and the train itself, story tellers relaying spooky tales, and candy for the brave who make it through until the end. Purchase your tickets now for a frightfully good time.

This train ride lasts one hour, round-trip. 

Cost:  Parlor:  $36.95 (Please note:  Guests 12 years and older are welcome!)
          Waldorf:  $39.95 (Please note:  Guests 12 years and older are welcome!)

Time:    TBD

Dates:  TBD

Location: Devil's Gate Station

 *** While every effort is made to adhere to the published schedule, the Georgetown Loop Railroad reserves the right to delay or cancel trains for any reason and will not be held liable. Locomotives and passenger cars are subject to change without notice.