The Georgetown Loop Railroad Rolling Stock


This is a photo of the open air coach class cars at the Silver Plume station on the Georgetown Loop Railroad

Coach Class

Coach cars are box cars with bench seating.  They are open air cars in the spring, summer, and fall, then enclosed and heated during the winter months. 

This is a photo of the first class White Pass parlor cars, on the Devil's Gate High Bridge, on the Georgetown Loop Railroad.

Parlor Cars

These cars are fully enclosed, carpeted, with tables and padded chairs.  Guests receive some small snacks and a non-alcoholic beverage.  Beer and wine are available for purchase.

This is a photo of the interior of the Presidential Waldorf car on the Georgetown Loop Railroad 

Presidential/ Waldorf Car

This car is the ultimate VIP section.  Guests have a dedicated attendant, who offers special holiday drinks and snacks.  Guests also receive a special 'golden ticket' to take home.  Beer and wine are available for purchase.  Please note this car is not ADA accessible.  

*** While every effort is made to adhere to the published schedule, the Georgetown Loop Railroad reserves the right to delay or cancel trains for any reason and will not be held liable. Locomotives and passenger cars are subject to change without notice.

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