Is the Silver Plume location different than the Georgetown Location?

Yes, we offer two depot locations, one in Georgetown and one in Silverplume. The Loop connects the two towns so whichever station you board from, you will ride the Loop to the opposite, then return back to your original station. The stations are 2 miles apart on Interstate -70. The Devil’s Gate station is located in Georgetown; the Silver Plume Depot is one exit west of Georgetown off of I-70. The train ride is exactly the same from either departure point; however, the first class parlor cars only board only from the Silver Plume station Between May 26 - October 9, 2017. Then again from Georgetown through the end of the year.


How long is the train ride by itself? How long is the Train and mine tour?

The train ride by itself is about an hour and 15 minutes. The train ride and mine tour is a 2 ½ hour experience


Can you take the mine tour without the train? Can you ride one way or disembark and take a later train?

No, you cannot take the mine tour without a train ride. No. The only disembarkation point between the stations is the mine site; only passengers with mine tickets may disembark there.


Is there two or more trains? Will there be steam running? 

While we have a variety of engines and cars, we typically have one train running, unless a private charter is booked. While we do our best to run steam as much as possible, we can never guarantee we will be running steam on any given day due to the preservation of these marvelous machines. 


Does the train run if it is raining? Can I get a refund if it rains? 

We run rain or shine, so please bring a light jacket. If you decide to not ride the train due to weather you can transfer or cancel for a $4 per ticket fee prior to departure. Please note we do not issue refunds for weather related issues after you have boarded the train.


What's the difference between coach and parlor cars?

The coach cars are either box cars with canopy roofs and open sides or gondola cars that are open air (no sides or roofs). There is no food service in coach but you may bring a sack lunch and a non- alcoholic drink in plastic or metal containers.
The parlor cars are our first class cars that are enclosed carpeted cars with tables and chairs that are perpendicular to the windows. The tables sit 2 or 4. It is traditional railroad seating so you might have the opportunity to meet someone new. In the parlor car you receive a snack and non-alcoholic drink.  A beer and wine bar is available to those over 21 who desire, for purchase.


How do I receive my tickets?

Tickets are NOT mailed or emailed. Please arrive to the depot 20 minutes prior to departure to pick up your printed tickets. You will not be able to board without these tickets.  

Is wheelchair seating available on the train?

The coach cars on the train ride is wheelchair accessible, please let the reservation agent know if you have a wheelchair so that we can be sure to accommodate you. None of the Mine Tours are accessible by wheel chair due to steep rough terrain. Groups that have more than 1 wheelchair  in their group are encouraged to call our Group Reservations line at, 303-569-0133, to better accommodate your group.


Can we purchase tickets when we arrive at the designated depot? Can I book online or do I need to call to make a reservation? 

You are always welcome to purchase tickets at the window but please be aware we do sell out frequently and cannot guarantee seats upon your arrival without a reservation. You are welcome to book either online or with a ticket agent but to insure availability for a wheelchair  or any other accommodations please call the office at 1-888-456-6777 to make your reservation.

How safe is the train?

Safety is the most important aspect of our attraction. Our staff performs daily track inspections and has both State and Federal safety inspection approvals. Please listen to your Train Conductors to maximize our safety efforts. 

What is your cancellation policy?

We are happy to reschedule or cancel people who give advance notice for a $4 per ticket fee. 
We do not offer rain checks. If you decide to not ride the train due to weather you can transfer or cancel for a $4 per ticket fee prior to departure. Please note we do not issue refunds for weather related issues after you have boarded the train. People who simply do not arrive will be charged the full balance of the reservation. 


What facilities are available?

Please note there are no restrooms on the train itself but, there are restrooms at both stations and at the mine. There is also a gift store at both stations that offers novelties, as well as light snacks, and drinks.



The Georgetown Devil’s Gate station is located on I-70 about 45 miles west of Denver. Exit #228, right on Argentine Street, about ¾ of a mile, right at fork in the road onto Loop Drive. Silver Plume is one exit (two miles) west of Georgetown on I-70. Exit #226, located just off I-70, on the     south side of the interstate.
A photo of the Lebanon mine. Once a bustling mine, it is now part of the Georgetown Loop Railroad experience. Take a trip inside and go back in time. 

How do we know when and where to get off for Mine tour? Where is the mine located?

The Conductor will inform you when it is time to disembark for a mine tour. You many only disembark at the mine station if you have prepaid for a tour and are wearing a mine tour wristband. The mine tour is 10 minutes from Silver Plume so if you board at Silver Plume you will ride approximately 10 minutes to the mine station. If you board in Georgetown you will ride to approximately 30 minutes Silver Plume, have a 15 minute layover, and then 10 minutes to the mine station. Please listen for the conductor's announcement so that you do not miss the mine tour.


Photograph of a side shot of the shay number nine diesel engine featuring the number nine on the side as well as an original car which says West Side Lumber Company on the side. The shay operates at the Georgetown Loop Railroad on almost a daily basis. The historic engine lets off steam from its stack in the front of the engine and has a grand whistle that can be heard throughout the town. 

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Why is there an age requirement for Mine tours?

“Children under 5 years old are not permitted underground in either the Everett or Lebanon mines. Children under 5 may visit the mines, but must stay above ground under the care of a parent or guardian. This is a safety regulation per the State of Colorado. We encourage those guests with children under 5 to book the Everett Mine tour when possible as that site has entertainment attractive to children such as a Kiddie Digging Claim (sand pit with treasures) to dig in, gold panning, and a hot dog lunch.  Special event mine tours such as "Tales of the Tommyknockers", has an age requirement of 13 years or older. 


How cold is it in the Mine?

The mine stays a chilly 40 degrees year round, so please bring a light jacket and comfortable, closed toed walking shoes. Flip-flops and sandals are not appropriate given it can be wet in the mines.


Are the Mine tours Wheelchair accessible?

Unfortunately our tours are NOT handicap accessible as they are a historic mining site with a 5% grade on uneven gravel.

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