#40 and #111 Together Again!

Steam locomotives #40 and #111 worked side by side for more than 40 years in Central America. Both locomotives are Baldwin Locomotive Works of Philadelphia built engines constructed for the International Railways of Central America in the 1919 and 1924. The locomotives worked there until the 1960’s when they were taken out of service and eventually purchased and transported to Colorado in the early 1970’s. The #111 ended up with the short-lived Sundown and Southern Railroad in Hudson Colorado having never operated there while the #40 (along with her sister engine) was purchased by the operator of the Georgetown Loop Railroad. The #40 saw many years of service on Georgetown Loop from the mid-1970’s through 2004 and also a short-lived stint via a lease agreement on the White Pass and Yukon Railroad. With a change of operators at the Loop in 2004 the #40 spent time at the Colorado Railroad Museum. In 2019 the #40 returned to service after an extensive rebuild at the Georgetown Loop. The #111 was sold to the town of Breckenridge in 2001 and spent several years on display there. In 2010 the #111 was sold to History Colorado (owner of the Georgetown Loop Mining and Railroad Park). The #111 was rebuilt by Historic Rail Adventures in 2011 and 2012 and entered service in 2016.

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